Hey im Jorge, i´m from México, land of tacos and tequila.
Music is my life, heart , soul, love, my everything.
Follow me, is free , you know you want it.

-Pace, Love and empathy

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theneonblossom: OH MY GOD FIRST AUTOMATIC MUSIC PLAYER I ADORE. Srsly, Black Hole Sun, then Lucy in the sky with diamonds and just when I thought it couldn't get better: GOUGE AWAY. I ALREADY ADORE YOU OKAY?

Oh come on, you are flattering me. Seriously i haven´t use my tumblr in a long time… but thanks a lot, music is a very important part of my life, i think it´s something i need to keep living, a thing that gives me a breathe in the shittiest day. It´s always cool to find someone who shares the same music taste, i love  your tumblr too :)

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"En el infierno también puede aparecer una mujer alguna vez…"
Nicolas Cage

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Alguién mas tocó o estrechó la mano de Matt Bellamy ayer en el cocierto de la VFG ?

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